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Hello I’m Jennifer Curry Prasad a recovering banker, holistic health practitioner, hair whisperer, mindset success coach, mother to an angel son and sassy sweet firecracker princess.

When my teenage son suddenly became ill and passed away, My world shattered in to a million pieces. This trauma lead me to walk away from a very successful corporate banking career that I spent 23 years building. I started to build a business more aligned with my soul and in a way that helps bring change to people’s lives every day.

I’m fully convinced that my angel son carefully nudged me on to this path one baby step at a time from The Other Side and I now spend my days building my magical empire, building a community for my business partners based on mindset and energy practices for confidence building so the people I lead can build their empires and experience success.

I want to to teach you how you can also build a more freedom based lifestyle that aligns with your vision for your life.

You can find me traveling the world, hair whispering, teaching & Lighting the path for others to also build a more freedom based lifestyle.

Jennifer Curry Prasad

jennifer curry prasad

My Book

Author Jennifer Curry Prasad takes the reader on a momentous, powerful, and heart-breaking journey of facing the ultimate tragedy, and then tenderly, but bravely stepping out of her comfort zone to pick up the pieces and find joy again. No story better illustrates the notion that in life, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. A must read for anyone struggling to move past trauma and loss and learn how to embrace and love life again.


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Ashley Paulus

I am an entrepreneur, beauty & self-care advocate and avid traveler. I help people achieve financial freedom by teaching them how to create a work remote lifestyle by leveraging their social media platforms to bring in income. Here I share my love for style & beauty, my adventures, and the secrets to building a successful online business.

Aliyah Stotter

For 14 years I’ve been a chiropractic physician. In 2006 I graduated from Life University with honors.

The beach is my zen place, & I just love to have fun! I’m married to my bestie Craig, for 23 years. I’m a baseball mom of 2 incredible boys.

It’s my passion for helping women dream bigger that inspired my story.  

Bree Wong

Mama to a toddler girl – Professional Licensed Hairstylist in the beauty industry for 6 years – Coffee addict☕️– Sunshine advocate 🌞 – Shampoo dealer – Foodie! Lol

Raquel Reschke

Sales Professional with a Fortune 500 Company. Wife and Momma of 3. Grateful for this community and the opportunity to build women’s confidence through our products and this business opportunity while adding another revenue stream doing something I love.